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About Us

Established business from an HK company since 2011, Lavida has been operating for 9 years with the international team both in China and some western and Asian countries to support customer needs. With Chinese local business licenses and proficient in Chinese laws and foreign trade rules, we are able to service and secure your Chinese business affirmed.

With expertise in customer support, sourcing, merchandising, risk management, and quality control. We will provide more professional and secured supply chain management to assure and accelerate your business in China.

More than 4000
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With the work of broad-cross culture, Lavida is focusing con providing traceable, transparent, simple smart supply chain management service to build up a trustworthy international business to the world.


Lavida will provide the best in class services that are innovative and strategically focused on the system and the communities we serve. We will accomplish our goals in a responsive and cost-effective manner to ensure ongoing viability and success of our supply chain mission.

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