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We have more than years of experience


Lavida began commercial activities as a Hong Kong company in 2011.

Lavidainspection ( is an online platform. Our mission is to support small business start-ups such as private brand owners and e-commerce sellers. Lavidainspection belongs to Lavida Group (, an all-in-one sourcing and supply chain management company.  With expertise in hardlines, softlines, consumer electronics, and electrical products, Lavidainspection delivers quality control service in 14 Asia countries.

LavidaInspection is professional but not limited in inspection. Our inspections provides business owners guidance in standards setting up, acquiring quality control and obtaining a factory review by using a wide range of reliable products and suppliers verifications. Thus, we provides what every enterprise needs to assure a successful outcome.

How it works: Lavidainspection optimizes your supply chain by
  • Real-time quality management to save you time and money.
  • Make faster and smarter decisions based on comprehensive, granular data.
  • Measure the failure rates and product defects of your suppliers.
  • Collaborate with your vendors.
  • Drive improvements that optimize your supply chain and product designs.
  • Identify risk areas and implement mitigation strategies.

Product Inspection

Minimize import risks, save costs and time, and ensure quality to your final customers.


Initial Production Check

An Initial Production Check(also called pre-production inspection) takes place either before production starts or at the very beginning of final assembly ...

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Pre-shipment Inspection

The pre-shipment inspection(also called Final Random Inspection) takes place only when the production is 100% completed and ...

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Container Loading Supervision

The continer loading supervision will be monitoring the whole loading process ,to ensure all the goods can be loaded correctly and ...

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On-line Inspection

Inline inspection(also called During Production inspection、Production Mornitoring) will be carried when10~ 20 % of the products have been produced...

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Sorting Inspection

Sorting inspection is 100% inspection service which entails checking each and every item to ensure that every piece shipped meets...

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Amazon FBA Inspection

Amazon FBA inspection takes place at the end of the production in supply chain when the products are packed and ready for shipment...

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We provide professional inspection report, the industry benchmark.


Provide reliable inspection report, detailed and professional.

Commercial confidentiality

Protect your private data and prohibit peer communication.


Factory Audit

Evaluate the capabilities and responsible business practices of suppliers based on international standards ISO 9001, SA 8000, ISO 14000.

Supplier Qualification Audit

A Supplier Qualification Audit(also called quality system audit) takes place prior to a new order with a new supplier and it is extremely important to verify the profile of your potential business partner

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Social Audit

Social audit (also called social Compliance Audit, or Ethical Audit), ensure that the factories respect the social rights of their workers.It will be carried based on international standards along with the specific requirements of the client

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Environmental Audit

The Environmental audit can help you to verify that national and international environmental regulations and laws are being implemented correctly in supplier system.

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Document Review Audit

This audit is carried out only through the paper and document review . It can help you ensure whether the supplier can fulfill the order smoothly and meet your required quality level.

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Quality Engineering

Lavida have the qualified quality engineers with few years quality engineering experence.Our customized services can meet your requirements.


Sample Review


Lavida QE will support you to make a professional sample review from quality standards and take with a related necessary lab test to use...

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Product Specifications


We can design the professional checking list for your products .The checking list includes the product overall &appearance,functional ,Safety...

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We have a partnership with leading manufacturing supply chain platforms with over 800K manufacturers. We help users build digital marketing tools, use product data and service data provided by users, and use big data + AI technology to help users promote products and services and complete demand docking.

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