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Lavida began commercial activities as a Hong Kong company in 2011.

Lavidainspection (www.lavidainspection.com) is an online platform. Our mission is to support small business start-ups such as private brand owners and e-commerce sellers. Lavidainspection belongs to Lavida Group (www.lavidatrd.com), an all-in-one sourcing and supply chain management company.  With expertise in hardlines, softlines, consumer electronics, and electrical products, Lavidainspection delivers quality control service in 14 Asia countries.

LavidaInspection is professional but not limited in inspection. Our inspections provides business owners guidance in standards setting up, acquiring quality control and obtaining a factory review by using a wide range of reliable products and suppliers verifications. Thus, we provides what every enterprise needs to assure a successful outcome.

How it works: Lavidainspection optimizes your supply chain by
  • Real-time quality management to save you time and money.
  • Make faster and smarter decisions based on comprehensive, granular data.
  • Measure the failure rates and product defects of your suppliers.
  • Collaborate with your vendors.
  • Drive improvements that optimize your supply chain and product designs.
  • Identify risk areas and implement mitigation strategies.
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Why people choose us

Lavida Inspection will provide the best in class services that are innovative and strategically focused on the system and the communities we serve. We will accomplish our goals in a responsive and cost-effective manner to ensure ongoing viability and success of our supply chain mission.



Lavida Group was rewarded as a member of Credit Enterprise Construction Committee of China for providing trustworthy, professional, and superb-quality resources.


You can book your service on line at any time and place. We will respond within 24 Hours and send the report within the same day of inspection at the soonest.


As our customer, you will benefit from Lavida’s ability on quality control and management through analysis performed by our experienced team of global professionals.High Integrity

We operate in compliance with the principles of integrity, honesty and professionalism.Our reports and certificates shall correctly present the actual findings, professional opinions or results obtained.


We have a partnership with leading manufacturing supply chain platforms with over 800K manufacturers and use product data and service data provided by users, and use big data + AI technology to help users promote products quality.

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