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  • What if production is not ready when the inspection is scheduled?

    You need to keep the tight communication with your supplier and our inspector regarding your inspection schedule. In most cases ,pls let us know in advance if the date needs to be changed.It can be rescheduled.Otherwise, we cancel the inspection , unless got your special direction in advance . A partial inspection fee will be assessed and you have the right to recoup that cost from your supplier.

  • About SA8000 audit

    SA8000 Audit is also called as Social Accoutability Audit, COC audit, which is to verify if the supplier keeps the local labor law . Via this audit, the buyers will know if the company they are cooperating with complying with the social accountability. Now more and more purchasers are focusing on the social compliance audits.

  • Why the sea shipping from China to USA will take a long time and more delay?

    There are multiple reasons for the delay. I: There are only two ports for container ships coming from China. They are Long Beach and Los Angeles (near some Amazon warehouse). Most of the ships will stop in L.A. port and need more time to wait unload containers. II: You need to call UPS to help you pick up from the port to Amazon once all of the containers are unloaded. But there are too many cargos need to deliver and pick up. This will result in UPS being understaffed. III: For shipment from China to the USA, there will be 30% of all containers required customs inspection. It will take 2-3 weeks even more. But you and your agent can't do anything except sitting and waiting for an update from the USA customs. There will be the Chinese New Year on 11 February and the holiday will take 15 days at least. You need to disrupt the time to arrange your production in China. It means from now, you just have 50 days to handle production and shipping. So you need to take care of your shipment from China and to avoid the delay. Because a delay will affect your rank and sale. Directly, you will lose a bulk of the funds.

  • How to avoid Amzon's Limited restock problem?

    1.Stock your products in your supplier warehouse or your forwarder warehouse in China. 2.Amazon warehouse will refuse the shipment ,creat your shipment following Amazon inventory limited strictly. 3.The actual shipment qty must be ±5% the allowed qty.

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