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What is Product Specifications?

Product Specifications involves inspecting of a final sample for a range of specifications such as appearance, workmanship, safety, functions, etc. prior to mass production.

It is an essential step before the manufacturing process of mass products, beginning with a physical inspection of a product sample and the Product Specifications prior to mass production. The factory will follow the Product Specifications to finish the products ensuring the quality meets with specified requirements, as well as the reliability and consistency of the manufacturing process and final product. The Product Specifications is also the criterion of the mass products inspection.

Benefits of Product Specifications

  • Finished the sample review before mass production
  • Establishing and clearing the products specifications
  • Design related tests to detect and solve the potential quality problems
  • Avoid the bulk quality problems during the manufacturing process
  • Main checking list

  • Finish the sample review and the Product Specifications
  • Inspect overall product
  • Workmanship Check
  • Appearance
  • Product function
  • Safety Test
  • Packing,labels and document checking
  • Product Specifications Service Starting from $100.0

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