Supplier Qualification Audit(SQA)

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What is a Supplier Qualification Audit?

A Supplier Qualification Audit(also called supplier evaluation audit) takes place prior to a new order with a new supplier and it is extremely important to verify the profile of your potential business partner. A supplier audit ensures that the supplier is able to provide a continuous supply of high-quality materials and services. It performs an independent assessment of your supplier’s capability, capacity, credentials, facilities, production line management, and workforce. The audit also covers the legal, operational and functional aspects of a supplier.

Benefits of SQA

  • Verify the actual status of your suppliers/sourcing agent
  • Save time and evaluate risks early
  • Select the most suitable supplier
  • Improve your sourcing efficiency
  • Verify your suppliers legitimacy
  • Main checking list

  • Company legality information
  • Bank information
  • Human resource
  • Machinery, facilities & equipment
  • Manufacturing process & production line
  • Management system & capability
  • Exportation capability
  • Supplier Qualification Audit Service Starting from $380.0

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