5 Reasons why having women in leadership benefit your entire company

5 reasons why having women in leadership benefits your entire company 🤵‍♀️

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Do you know?

👉 Women now hold 45.4% of all executive positions in the advertising, media and marketing technology sectors compared to just 29% in 2019, according to the third annual #Inclusive100 benchmark study.

👉 Women make up 75% of the global health workforce, but disproportionately make up the lower ranks of that workforce.

👉 Female-led countries like New Zealand, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Taiwan have fared better during Covid-19.

👉 Even with a record-breaking new high of women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies in 2020, only 7.4%of companies on the list are run by women, and women are less likely to be entrepreneurs and face more disadvantages starting businesses. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why having women in leadership benefits your entire company:

1. More women = better problem-solving
2. Female leaders are trusted
3. Women leaders are more collaborative
4. Women made better mentors than men
5. Millennial women are more educated than men

Female leadership is not looking at problems as weak or victims but as opportunities for growth.

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