About us

Are you going to import products directly from China but be puzzled or lost by millions of resources when you try to source products/factories from the internet?


Are you looking for a manufacturer to fulfill your projects?


Do you want to filter the inference of political prejudice and concept conflict in global sourcing?


Do you want to skip over cultural barriers when dealing with international trading?


Do you want to avoid personal corruption in supply chain management?


Are you really in need of a scientific guide when making a company critical decision related to supply chain and manufacturing investment?

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About Lavida
About us 2

Lavida began commercial activities as a Hong Kong company in 2011.

Over the past nine years, Lavida has developed into an International Export Services company headquartered in Shenzhen with operations across Asia, Europe and North America. Today, Lavida is globally recognized as your “Preferred Partner” for all export related commercial, supply chain, risk management quality and logistic solutions. Lavida is the sole supply chain company in China utilizing “Smart” technology powered by “AI”.

We have partnered with one of the leading manufacturing platforms providing seamless access to 800K+ qualified manufactures through the use of acquired “AI” technology.

As our customer, you will benefit from Lavida’s ability to filter products and suppliers through analysis performed by our experienced team of global professionals.

Who We Are

Lavida, the 1st (now the sole one) smart supply chain management company in China.

The new smart supply chain presents unprecedented opportunities for achieving cost reduction and enhancing efficiency improvement. We achieve this by creating an integrated supply chain with our customers, suppliers and partners and exchanging data with them, thereby increasing the transparency of the entire supply chain.

We have a partnership with leading manufacturing supply chain platforms with over 800K manufacturers. We help users build digital marketing tools, use product data and service data provided by users, and use big data + AI technology to help users promote products and services and complete demand docking.

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Our mission

With the work of broad-cross culture, Lavida is focusing on providing traceable, transparent, simple smart supply chain management service to build up a trustworthy international business to the world.

Our vision

Lavida will provide the best in class services that are innovative and strategically focused on the system and the communities we serve. We will accomplish our goals in a responsive and cost-effective manner to ensure ongoing viability and success of our supply chain mission.

Lavida will play an important role in technological innovation in the supply chain, helping companies streamline operations and reduce logistics costs at several points in the process of moving goods.

Trust Worthy

Lavida Group Trd was rewarded as a member of Credit Enterprise Construction Committee of China for providing trustworthy, professional, and superb-quality resources.

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