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Design and Engineering Services

Products Development

Partner with manufacturing base have in-house design, engineering, tooling and production, testing and packout, we are professional in manufacturing and supply chain solutions that make things happen at every stage of product development – from simple to complex and from the drawing board to full-scale production.

Through our manufacturing services, we reduce your costs, speed your products to market and help you gain a competitive edge.

Manufacturing Services

Communicate with suppliers for all designated projects to ensure continuous progress is monitored either by means of site visit or by photographic transfer and any capacity issue or variances to specification are quickly identified and escalated appropriately.

Multi-Material Applications

We emphasize on acoustic, precision plastic and metal products. Our turnkey manufacturing services include a wide range of logos/badges, consumer wireless chargers, outdoor equipments and accessories, industrial safety equipment, smart locks, custom injection molding and variety of materials specializing in aluminum and zinc alloy, high-tech plastics, nickel and high-nickel alloys, castings, forgings and many others.

Precision Machining Capabilities


  • Injection molding

  • 5–Axis CNC Milling, Horizontal CNC Milling, Vertical CNC Milling, CNC Turni

  • Various of assembling lines and testing equipment

  • Manufacture parts from a variety of materials, including aluminum, titanium, copper, molybdenum  and stainless steel

  • Medium to large size format

Trusted Partners

We have solid working experience in manufacturing over 15 years and focus on translating our customers’ needs into high quality products.


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