How to find a good quality supplier producing Bluetooth speakers?

How to find a good quality supplier producing Bluetooth speakers?


You are bound to fall into the difficulty of choice, especially in the face of hundreds of factories claiming that they have obtained various certificates, passed factory inspection and other self-introductions, neat factory photos, various equipment configurations, and production capacity introductions make you dazzled. What are the tips and secrets in addition to the perfect and beautiful documents presenting on the website?

Always have a principle to guide your sourcing: The quality of products depends on production, not on inspection.

Here below are the tips when you try to source a speaker factory to produce your own designs or import good products to sell to your customers:

Tip 1. Establish a complete set of product specs when you design a product.

All final inspections can only check features or functions. But the quality level depends on critical electronic components. You are suggested to set up specified spec standards for Electronic components, IC, chips to use, and frequency ranges of horns.

For instance, high-end speakers, Qualcomm-based chips are needed. the middle level, Actions chips, etc.


Working with the design company to finalize the specs of such components performance specs, IC, packing, etc before your step into sampling.

Tip2: Does the factory have capabilities of core components R&D and manufacturing?

More than 90% of Bluetooth speakers’ software is basically developed by the agent of chip solution providers and over 80% of Bluetooth speaker factories purchase their horns/speaker externally and do not develop this critical component themselves.

Actually speaking, most factories selling on Alibaba have mainly outsourced all components and assemble them together merely.

When you select a factory, confirm the chip scheme with the factory, and then make sure they have the independent R&D and manufacturing ability of the horns/speakers.


The quality of horn/speaker defines the performance of audience quality. If the horn/speaker is outsourced in a factory, it’s difficult to adjust in time in manufacturing.

Furthermore, the R&D capability of the core components of horns/speaker can reflect their sensitivity and appreciation of sound quality.

We have recommended a Bluetooth speaker factory to our customers developing their own brand. Though the size of the factory is not big size, it has strong R&D and production capability in the components of horn/speaker and supplying to the factories making for XIAOMI, Harman.

With the strong support of this factory, the customer is doing smoothly in this speaker project developing from just an idea to an amazing ready-to-produce product within the target budget.

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