Project development process

Project development process

Project development process

As transportation projects go from idea to implementation, they must go through a series of steps called the project development process. From design to mass production, will normally take 3-6 months.

Here follows the project development process after sign NDA and development contract/agreement, and settle the payment:


Step 1

A project kick-off meeting will be held in about 3 working days. The R & D personnel and technical personnel will make a meeting on the product function outline to understand more specific product requirements. A detailed functional specification, which will take about a week.


Step 2

After the detailed functional specification released, customers confirm back. Set up PPAP (Production part approval process), and then the development is carried out.


Step 3

Then come to the stage of specific development, such as schematic diagram, PCB, pattern making, electronic components purchasing, making, etc.


Step 4

After UI design confirmed and then comes to software programs development.


Step 5

When we do the board design, need to come up with the 3D drawing of the structure. If the structure can fit completely, then it will be OK.


Step 6

Test and feedback problems for improvement.


Step 7

Make trial production.


Step 8

Ramp into mass production.

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