Project Early Investigation


    1. Background

    I. Your company name

    II. Headquarter location

    III. Your company’s headcount number in range
    IV. Your company’s major competencies

    V. What’s your company’s strategy in the next few years

    2. Marketing
    I. What’s the plan business mode for the project/product?
    To BusinessTo Consumer
    II. What’s your target regions of the project/product?

    III. What’s the marketing size evaluation of this product and competitors?

    IV. Do we have existing competitors in this area?

    V. What’s the target marketing share of this product/project?

    3. Regulation
    I. Do the functions of the project/product comply with the target marketing region’s regulations?

    II. Do any export regulations need to comply? (GDPR, FDA, CFDA and etc)

    III. If it’s a system, where the data center will locate to?

    IV. If it’s a system, do we need to comply with GDPR?

    V. If needs to comply with GDPR, which side (Operation team, designer team) will be responsible for the compliance?

    4. Competitors
    I. What are the top 3 competitors in this area?

    II. What’s the marketing phase of those competition products/projects?
    Not started yetResearchingDevelopingLaunched
    III. Can you provide information about those competition products/projects?

    IV. Top 3 differentiation points to those competition products/projects

    5. Budget
    I. What’s your total capital of this project/product? (Including researching, development, marketing in next 3 years)

    II. What’s the budget for the development of this project/product in the next 3 years?

    III. What’s the budget principle of this project/product?

    IV. What’s your target go to the market time of this product/project? (+nn months, e.g. +12 months)

    V. What’s your target development delivery time of this product/project? (+nn months, e.g. +6 months)

    6. Project Management
    I. Does any project management standard need to comply? (PMBOK, ISO, etc)

    II. Will your company assign a project manager? Fulltime/part-time? Remote or on-site?

    III. Do you have requirements for the qualification of the project manager?

    IV. Can we use outsourcing resource for the project/product?

    7. Certificates
    I. Will the project/product go through any certificate?

    II. Do you accept split the development phase and certificate phase into multiple projects? (If the certificate isn’t for the project itself)

    8. Delivery Baseline
    I. Is it a project, what’s your high level expect delivery?
    PoCReady to the certificateReady to market
    II. Will the project need to deliver any education? To whom with what content?

    III. Will the project need to deliver any skill transfer? To whom with what content?

    IV. Will the product/project support multiple languages besides English and Chinese?

    9. Operation
    I. If it’s a system, who will be responsible for the operations?

    II. If it’s a system, what’re the top 3 requirements to the operator(s)?

    10. Security
    I. Which security standard we want to comply with?

    II. What are the encryption requirements of data transfer?

    III. What are the encryption requirements of the data local store?

    IV. If there’s a SIM module, which carriers you plan to support?