The robot distribution will be put into operation within two years

Grab the Takeaway courier jobs? The robot distribution will be put into operation within two years.

The delivery of robots may be realized in the next two years because METITUAN is already eager to try.

A few days ago, during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in 2019, MEITUAN delegation demonstrated its research and development achievements in the field of unmanned distribution. Small unmanned delivery vehicles, indoor unmanned distribution robots, and drone distribution all appeared.

It is reported that MEITUAN unmanned delivery vehicle “small bag” can automatically avoid obstacles under complicated road conditions, and automatically plan routes and select the best route.

Indoor unmanned distribution robot “Fu bag” can be connected to the building elevator through the Internet of Things, and the upstairs will take delivery to the user to solve the problem of the last 100 meters of the delivery.

The drone distribution is to solve the problem of delivery within 5 kilometers and delivery within 10 minutes. MEITUAN said that it will build an air distribution network in the next five years.

Xia Huaxia, the chief scientist of MEITUAN and the general manager of the unmanned distribution department, said that at present, the park robots are being tested. The indoor robot technology is relatively mature. In Beijing and Shenzhen, nearly 10 office buildings and hotels are in use, and thousands of orders have been generated.

It can be seen that the US group has made some progress in robotic distribution and take-out, and will be fully online robot delivery service in the future.

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